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In General If you can add an item to your cart it is in stock and it will ship within 24 to 48 hours!

When you click on an Items picture you are brought to its individual information page. on this page you will see one of 3 things:
– The Add to Cart Button. This means it is in stock and will ship ASAP
– The Add to Cart Button and an expected shipping date. This means it is not in stock but is expected to be in stock and shipping by the date shown. This is considered a Pre-Order.
– A notice stating “This item is unavailable at this time”. This means it is out of stock and we have no expected date it will be yet. You can always send an email to to inquire.

We are doing our best to have all product in stock and anything that is temporarily unavailable you can not buy until it is instock again unless there is a notice in the description of the item stating when it is expected to ship. Anything out of stock will be in stock again soon. We replenish our stock often and chances are the item you are looking for is already on its way to us.

All expected shipping dates are the time we expect to have a new shipment arrive from overseas plus one week for handling. Sometimes expected shipping dates are not met due to things out of our control, like customs or shipping delays when the product is on route to us.

Please note: Any order with a total of 400 or more (before taxes or shipping costs) that is shipping to Canada or USA will enable the option of free shipping via UPS standard when placing your order.

Otherwise to estimate the shipping cost is very simple.

Visit the website and add the desired items to your cart, View the cart and click “Estimate Shipping” You will then be asked to select your country and enter your postal code if applicable.

This is the estimate of the cost of shipping to your door. If you live in Canada it will list the tax you will pay as well. There is no tax charged if you live outside of Canada.

Please note: If you are outside of Canada and any additional fees arise for any internationl reason like customs, brokerage,currier costs or any other additional costs to get the products to you they are your responsibility. The shipping cost paid only covers the cost of shipping, nothing else.

All four ebike conversion kits come with the same basic items:
1- Motorized Wheel (hub motor mounted in a rim)
2 – Motor Controller (Either built in the wheel or included with kit)
3 – Throttle with LED battery power indicator (Thumb or Twist)
4 – Brake levers (to cut the motor and engage Regenerative Braking)
5 – Control switch (Two button for Cruise, lights, etc)
6 – All wires and plugs nessasary to install kit on your bike

What else may I need?
1 – Freewheel and/or removal tool
2 – Battery and possibly a rack to put it on
3 – USB cable to program the motor controller on a windows based PC

The rest of the items in parts and accessories are optional

The single most common question about EBikes is, how far can I go? Somewhere between 36 and 73 kilometres on flat ground. Many factors may even move this number lower or higher. The formula to calculate battery power is as follows. Multiply the Voltage by the Amp Hours and divide buy the Wattage of hub and you get the time it will last if running full throttle. Therefore, a 36v500w hub with a 36v16ah battery would be. 36v x 16ah / 500w = 1.152 hours of full throttle operation. 32kph times 1.152 = 36.684k So at full throttle you would go over 36 kilometres if your maximum speed is 32 kilometres an hour (the legal ebike limit in Canada) you would go over 36 kilometres in distance. However if you are on flat ground it only takes about 250 watts (about half throttle) of power to maintain a speed of 32 kilometres 36 x 16 / 250 = 2.304 hours of half throttle operation. 2.304 hours at 32 kilometres per hour is 73.728 So on perfectly flat ground with a light rider and bike and no wind or stopping and starting you go over 73 kilometres and if you pedal go even further. Now this number also has many overriding factors. Negative impacts on this number are the Weight of bike and rider, opposing wind and uphill climbs. These things take from the overall distance you can travel. Positive impacts on this number are favourable winds at your back and regenerative braking that charges the battery when you apply the brakes to slow down or to stop Another positive impact on distance is very few people actually travel at maximum speed. I know I rarely do as I find the roads and pathways a little rough. I generally travel at about 26k, which increases my distance. Also quite often, I pedal to assist the motor and this increases the distance I can travel dramatically.

So how far can I go? Somewhere between 36 and 73 kilometres on flat ground with many overriding factors.

Now the above is the standard definition of how far you can expect to go under perfect circumstances. Below is some real world experience.

Personally. My daily ride is about 38 kilometers and I burn about 14 amps. Now I am a heavy rider, I pull a trailer and have little interest in pedaling going to work. Its 16 km on the street uphill to work and 22 taking the scenic route home. The ride home is paths and trails through the woods.

Basically Volts is speed and Amp Hours is distance. A simple calculation of amps times voltage gives the capacity of a battery.

48V10AH = 480
36V12AH = 432

So theses two batteries run at full speed the 48 volt would be faster but the 36 volt would go further.

But if these two batteries run at the same speed the 48 volt would go further because it has more capacity.

Hope that makes sense!

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