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    Connecting the Battery

    Battery Connections:

    Sometimes the plugs or wires between the battery and kit may not match. The main reason is they are from different manufacturers or intended for different uses. Before setting up your battery there is no way to exactly determine how long these wires should be. So we leave them as they are from the factory so you can determine where you want to make the connection and how long each wire should be to reach the connection point.

    A good place to make the connection is away from where it could be rained on or splashed with water.

    A good method to attach them is to cut off any plugs, strip the wires, twist them together, solder them and then protect then with heat shrink or Black electrical tape. This makes the cleanest looking and most reliable connection..The main thing to remember about battery connections is its RED to RED and BLACK to BLACK.

    For some simple soldering tips click this picture.

    If you are not a person that can solder you can use the method I use most often and that is using household marrettes.

    If your battery does not have a power switch to turn the bike on and off it is recommended to use a good reliable plug like a pair of xt90 connectors that can be plugged and unplugged easily hundreds of times. You can find these by clicking this picture

    Briefly, in this video at 16.08, I do explain a bit about the connection options. Click the picture to watch it.

    Hope this helps explain the situation and guide you through making your connections

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