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    Does the Cycle Analyst control my Ebike?

    Yes and no,

    By default, you hook up the CA in between the motor controller and the battery. This is a very simple process. The Cycle Analyst has a shunt with four wires. two red and two black. The shunt is clearly marked that one red and black is for “battery” and the other red and black for the “controller”. There is a red and black wire that comes from the battery. You connect this to the red and black wire on the battery side of the shunt and the red and black from the motor controller to the controller side of the shunt.

    The Cycle Analyst then displays varies information. The two key items are speed and how much power you are consuming.

    If you would like to get the full benefits of the Cycle Analyst and have it control your bike the “advanced hookup” is required.

    The details of the “advanced hookup” are below:

    How do I do the advanced hookup to get the Cycle Analyst V2 to control my Ebike?


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