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    How do I test to see if my throttle is working?

    The throttle generally has 5 wires leading to it. Usually, they are divided into two plugs. On plug has 2 wires and the other three. The two wire plug is for the switch on the throttle and the three wire plug is actually for the throttle.

    In general, the throttle has three wires that are colour coded black, red and green. The black is ground, the red is the positive feed going to the throttle and the green is the power coming back from the throttle.

    With the bike powered on you can use a meter to test the voltage. With the ground from the meter on the back wire, the red wire should have about 4 volts of power and the green about 1 volt when the throttle is at rest. With the throttle twisted both red and green wires should have about 4 volts of power. If so the throttle is working.

    With no meter or to confirm if your battery, controller and motor are still working you can try the following to see if your motor runs:

    – Disconnect the throttle, but leave everything else connected as normal
    – Turn on the battery power switch
    – Raise the driven wheel off the ground and keep your fingers etc clear of the wheel! You may want to get someone to help you with this
    – Carefully plug the throttle in and be prepared for the wheel to spin at full speed, if everything else apart from the throttle is working OK the bike should run.
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