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    I am trying to run a MP3 kit with a 24 volt battery. There are no lights on the throttle and it doesn’t go. The current voltage of the battery is 29 volts.

    To check your throttle Led lights.

    All throttles are the same and any voltage throttle can run any voltage battery. So this is nt why the motor won’t go. the only difference is the throttle must match the battery fr the LED lights to work properly. There are three voltages. The 24 volt and 48 volt are clearly marked. If no voltage is marked it 36 volt. If it is 24v the throttle lights should be on. If it is 36v one light should be on. If 48v then no lights will go on.

    Now the motor.

    Using the GM USB cable the controller can be set to 24, 36 or 48 volts. The only difference this makes is to set the low voltage cutoff to protect your battery. since all of out batteries have built in protection this is really not nessasary anymore. GM ships all controllers out at default value of 36 volts. So a 36 volt battery or a 48 Volt battery will work right out of the box. aA 24 volt battery will require the controller to be set at 24 volts or the LVC will prevent it from starting up. Most likely if the throttle is not 24 volt the controller is at default value of 36 volt. Even if the throttle is 24 volt it is still possible the kit was shipped with the default values. To correct this you will need a USB cable to set the controller to 24 volts.

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