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    I don’t see a USB port on my motor or controller. Where do I plug in the USB cable?

    The USB cable plugs into a USB port on your Windows based computer or laptop. The other end of the cable will have one of three different plugs. If you have an external magic controller ( for 901, 902 or ext MP2 ) you will have a large white plug. Look on your controller for a matching large white plug and unplug it. You then plug your USB cable in the same plug. If you have an internal controller ( int Magic Pie 2 or Magic Pie 3 ) your USB cable will have a round 8 pin plug. You unplug the 8 pin wire coming from your motor and plug in the USB cable there. Please note that the MP2 and MP3 USB cables both have round 8 pin plugs but they are different sizes and have different pinout wiring. Do not try to use a USB cable on any motor it was not intended for. 

    After programming is complete, unplug the USB cable and replug back in the original plug.

    With the newer Edge Kits and the Magic Pie 4 (or higher) or Smart Pie 4 (or higher) the USB cable has a small 5 pin plug that plugs directly into the 5 pin plug near the motor. This same 5 pin plug from the motor is also used for the smart displays or the Bluetooth device.

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