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    I have coaster brake on the back of my bike. Will I lose that if I install a hub motor on the rear?

    Yes, the coaster brakes are applied when you spin your pedals backward. When you change to a motorized hub you lose the coaster brakes and the pedals spin freely backward.

    There are a few options for mounting new brakes for this setup.

    1- Look at the rear part of the frame on the left side (when sitting in the seat). See if there are two small mounting holes that are not on the other side. If so these could be for mounting a disk brake caliper. Disk brakes work well with any of our Magic Pie Or Smart Pie wheels.

    2- Look at the frame right above the rear wheel and see if there is a hole there for mounting side pull brakes.

    3 – Look at the frame on either side of the wheel just below the rim and see if there are mounts there for V-Brakes.

    If none of these situations apply they you would be better off with a front wheel conversion.