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    I sent you an email, why do I have to create a support Ticket? It seems easier to just send an email.

    Creating a support ticket is the best method of keeping track of any issue you maybe be having with your product. We receive an incredible amount of email at Golden Motor Canada and it is difficult to help people resolve issues in the general mailbox. If your email is not responded to immediately it becomes buried in the daily inbox. At that point, it becomes difficult to even find your email again.

    When should I create a support ticket?
    – You have received your product and it appears damaged or defective.
    – You have been using your product for less then one year and now it seems to have failed.
    – You received your order but you need instructions on installation or use of a product.
    – You received your order but it is not what you wanted or you ordered the wrong product
    – You have not received your order and its past the expected delivery date.

    What happens next?

    – You will receive a message attached to the support ticket.

    Then what?

    – From this point on, please respond to the messages in the support ticket only.

    How are issues resolved?
    – Most issues are resolved by exchanging a few messages and getting things configured correctly.
    – If the issues requires returning a product then the product will be autorized for return and a history has been established.

    Once your issue is resolved

    – All information will be stored and the support ticket is closed.

    Mistakes people make when trying to resolve an issue
    The most common mistake is once a support ticket thread has been established, they go back to posting an email instead of continuing posting to the support ticket.

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