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    The default values for the brake (50%) and the acceleration (92%). What does this mean?

    50% Brake means the regerative braking is set at 50 percent. A higher number the braking is harder. A lower number the Braking is more gentle. On front wheel drive ebikes it is sometimes desirable to have the number lower to prevent front wheel slide on slippery roads. Rear wheel drives the number can be higher but I would avoid going all the way up to 100 percent. Many people believe this causes a power spike that can damage the controller or battery.

    92% Acceleration means the time it takes for the motor to reach full power. Sometimes called “throttle upramp”. 100 percent is full power when you hit the throttle. Lower numbers means it takes off more gradually. For example, at 50 percent it can take about a full second before the power builds up to where you are holding the throttle. Although many people like to have this set at 100 percent, lower numbers are easier on your motor, controller, and battery.

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