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    What is included in an Ebike conversion kit?

    We Have four basic conversion Kits

    All four Ebike conversion kits come with the same basic items

    1- Motorized Wheel (hub motor mounted in a rim)

    2- Motor Controller (Either built in the wheel or included with kit)

    3- Throttle with LED battery power indicator (Thumb or Twist)

    4- Brake levers (to cut the motor and engage Regenerative Braking)

    5- Control switch (Two button for Cruise, lights, etc)

    6- All wires and plugs necessary to install kit on your bike


    What Else May I need?

    1 – Freewheel and/or removal tool

    2- Battery and possibly a rack to put it on.

    3- USB cable to program the motor controller on a windows based PC

    The rest of the items in parts and accessories are optional

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