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    When I turn on the key on my battery the lights on the throttle come on for a split second then go off.

    Several things can cause this issue

    – poor connections between the battery and controller.
        – pull the plug from the battery and inspect it
            – look for broken or cracked plastic in the plug that can cause a loose connection
            – check the pins in the plug to ensure they are not being pushed back when the plug is inserted
            – push the plug into the battery firmly to ensure it is in all the way
            – check all other connections between the battery and controller to ensure they are solid.

    – bad keyswitch
        – usually if a keyswitch has failed, it has not failed completly
        – the only real way to test the keyswitch is to open the battery and bypass the switch

    Both of the above situations can cause the battery to kick out as poor connections cause resistance. When the key is turned on the controller instantly draws a huge amount of power to load the capacitors. This draw temporarily causes a quick drop in voltage and will go even further with a poor connection or keyswitch. The result is the BMS (Battery Management System)  that protects the battery effectively shuts it down, thinking the battery is low and requires recharging.

    Less likely:

    – a bad cell or cells in the battery
        – this requires opening the battery for a cell test. Contact your supplier first

    – a bad BMS
        – this also requires a cell test and eliminating all other possibilities first

    A simple test that may help to determine the problem is to turn on the battery with the charger plugged in. This may help to prevent the voltage from dropping so much at power up and keep the throttle lights on. If they do stay on, try lifting the wheel and turning the throttle slowly. If the wheels spins you know everything else is ok. 

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