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Dual Hub Motor Setup with Cycle Analyst v3

Running Two Motors with a Cycle Analyst v3

To power two hub motors with the same throttle, you will need two motors and two controllers, and you can hook them all up together using a cycle analyst and a dual shunt. That way you can have a single throttle, control buttons, PAS, etc.

You can use one battery, but it has to be able to discharge 50 amps. Our 52V 21Ah battery pack can handle this, link below.

Otherwise, you can connect two batteries to the dual shunt.

You can purchase the cycle analyst below. Make sure to select the “Dual Shunt” option.

The dual shunt will connect the one/two batteries to the two controllers and to the cycle analyst (which will connect to your throttle).

This article goes over the wiring to hook up the Cycle Analyst 3 with the Magic Pie 5, and how to add a PAS sensor. To run two motors, you need to connect the green shunt wires to both controllers. Brakes can also be connected to the cycle analyst 2-pin plug, but they will not activate regen braking unless they are connected directly to the Magic Pie 5.

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