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Flashing the Bafang Controller (Error 07/30)

How to Flash your Bafang Controller

Error 30 is a communication fault, and can be solved by flashing the controller.

Error 07 is an over-voltage error. If you are using a 52V battery and your controller has a 48V firmware, you may get this error, and it can be solved by flashing the controller.

The video below goes over the process of flashing the controller. If you have a BBSHD and are using a 52V battery, the video below shows how to get the 52V BBSHD firmware. There are different firmware files you can use to flash your controller, please contact our support team with your motor name, volts, and watts, for the correct firmware.

There are certain (.bin) unlocked firmware files that will solve the error 30, allow you to change your controller parameters using a Bafang config tool, and unlock the full potential of your motor. Open a support ticket to ask for these firmwares. Check out this article on how to program your controller using a config tool.

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