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High Powered Cycle Analyst v3 Installation

How to install the High-Powered Cycle Analyst v3

From the Cycle Analyst there should be 6 coloured wires in a black wire casing, some of them will have ring terminals as shown below. If you don’t see all the wires you can trim the black wire casing to reveal the wires. Connect the red, blue, black, and white wires as shown in the diagram.

If you do not have a Cycle Analyst throttle, connect the green, black, and red wires from your throttle to the Cycle Analyst 3-pin throttle input plug. The green ThrO wire from the cycle analyst (in the diagram below) must connect to the controller throttle input which is a green wire in the Vector controller throttle plug.

If you do not want to use a speed sensor and magnet, you can use the orange Spd wire shown below. You can connect the Spd wire to any motor hall wire (between hall connector and controller), but this is only if you want an alternative to using the provided speed sensor.

Just follow the diagram below carefully and you should be fine!

IMPORTANT: The shunt must be connected to the ground side of the battery; connection of the shunt to the positive side of the battery can damage the circuitry.

You can mount the speed sensor and spoke magnet as shown below, the magnet should align with the groove in the sensor and should be less than 6mm away. If your wheel doesn’t have spokes, you will have to get creative with how you place the sensor and magnet, just make sure they align.

Below is the User Manual for the Cycle Analyst Version 3. The installation for the High-Powered CA3 is shown on page 18.

Cycle Analyst V3 User Guide

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