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Internal Hub Kit FAQs

Which hub motor or controller version do I have?

There are several different hub motors with internal controllers made by Golden Motor (Magic/Black Pie, Smart Pie, Edge).

The Magic Pie and Black Pie are the same motors (1000 W), the only difference is the colour. Try to match your motor with the pictures on this page to determine which version you have:

The newest hub motors (Magic/Black Pie 5, Smart Pie 5, Magic Pie Edge Vector) all use the same Vector internal controller. The wiring and parts are the same for all of these.

This video shows the differences between the Magic Pie 3, 4, and 5 controllers.

Can I set a speed limit on my motor?

Yes, you can! You can calculate the max RPM based on the required max speed using the table below. Once you’ve determined the desired max RPM, you can program the controller “Maximum Forward Speed (rpm)” setting.

What is the button/switch on my throttle for?

The button or switch on your throttle is to switch lights on/off if you hook them up. It is not to turn the motor on or off.

On the Vector internal controller control harness, there is an unterminated cable for light and horn. There are four wires in that cable. The red wire is the lighting feed and is controlled by the switch on the throttle. If you hook up a light to the red and black unterminated wires, you can use the throttle switch to turn it on and off.

Don’t get mixed up with the 4 unterminated wires (for a pedelec sensor) which are nearer to the motor and are part of the motor harness.

See the article Adding Lights and Horn for more information.

Do I need a pedelec or pedal assist sensor (PAS)?

You can run your hub motor with a thumb or twist throttle, PAS is optional. With a pedelec sensor, you will get automatic assistance from your bike when you pedal. The pedelec sensor can be wired directly to the MP5 or can be wired to a Cycle Analyst for more reliable assistance at many configurable PAS levels.

Check out this article for help with PAS installation.

Can I improve the performance of PAS?

If you wired your pedelec sensor directly to the MP5, you can improve the performance of PAS from the programming software. On the software, increase the “PAS Ratio (0.1 Times)” to the maximum allowed value to increase the sensitivity of the sensor. For help with programming, check out this article.

Can I run my hub motor in reverse?

Yes, you can! To run the motor in reverse, short the blue and black unterminated wires coming from the motor harness which is close to the motor (not the control harness). To toggle between forward and reverse, you can attach the blue and black wires using a switch.

Watch this video on how to run the motor in reverse.

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