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Programming Large Vector Controller

Programming Using a USB Programming Cable

To do this, you will need a Windows computer and a USB programming cable. Keep your battery OFF or disconnected while programming.

  1. Download and open the following programming software (PI-800):
  2. Connect the USB programming cable to the plug on the controller. Plug the USB into your computer.
  3. Select your USB COM port beside the blue helmet on the programming software screen, there will be one correct option.
  4. Click the blue helmet on the top left of the screen to connect to your controller. After changing a value, click the download button with the curved green arrow at the top to save that value on your controller.
  5. To make sure the parameter was programmed correctly, click the blue helmet again and check if your updated parameter is there.

Take a look at this video to see how it’s done. You can skip the beginning of the video about determining your COM port because the correct COM port should be visible automatically in the programming software.

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