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Programming Your Bafang Controller

How to Program Your Bafang Controller

To program your controller, first you need to flash it with the correct unlocked (.bin) firmware. Check out this article for more details.

Once your controller is unlocked, you can either program it using the USB programming cable and a Windows computer, or using your phone and the EggRider display. For more details about programming with the EggRider, check out this article. For details about programming using your computer, continue reading.

Below is the link to download the programming software (config tool) for Bafang mid-drive motors.

Once downloaded, extract the zip file, go into the “Executable” folder, and click BafangConfigTool to use the software.

There are guides available online for how to maximize your motor’s potential using the config tool. The video below goes over some common changes that can be accomplished using the Config Tool or EggRider display.

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