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Selecting the Right Bafang Motor

The Right Bafang Motor for Your Bottom Bracket

Bottom Bracket Width:

  • 68mm or 73mm: You will need the 68mm Bafang motor (with the option of 73mm BB screws)
  • Under 100mm: You will need the 100mm Bafang motor (with the option of BB Spacers)
  • Under 120mm: You will need the 120mm Bafang motor (with the option of BB Spacers)

Some bikes have chainstays that block the motor from going all the way into the bottom bracket. If this is the case with your bike, you can order a longer Bafang motor and use a handful of BB Spacers to make it fit snug.

Bottom Bracket Inner Diameter:

BBS02 Compatibility:

The BBS02 motors only come in the 68-73mm size, but these adapters will extend the motor to fit in 100mm or 120mm bottom brackets: Extension Modification Kits-100mm and 120mm Easy Install Bafang BBS02

Our Bafang motors can be found here and our hardware/adapters can be found here.

Press-Fit Bottom Bracket:

If you have a press-fit bottom bracket, check out this video. The relevant product links can be found in the video description.

Note: Check the exact specifications of each adapter to make sure it is compatible with your bike before purchasing.

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