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Smart Display and Bluetooth Instructions

Smart Display

All information regarding the Smart Display (BAC-601) can be found in the User Guide below.

Smart Display (BAC-601) User Guide

Bluetooth + Smartphone Display

This video goes over the process of connecting your smartphone to your Bluetooth dongle. Some dongles have a blue LED, some have a red LED, and both work just fine. When selecting from the list of Bluetooth options on the app, you may have to connect to “GM” or “LingBo”.

You can download the GM Bluetooth app from our downloads page.

If your motor is working, but the Bluetooth dongle doesn’t blink or turn on at all, it may be a faulty dongle.

Programming with Bluetooth:

The video shows how to change the controller parameters using the Bluetooth app.

  1. Once your phone is connected, tap the settings button on the top right of the screen.
  2. If the settings aren’t written in English, tap the button on the top right to change the language to English.
  3. You can tap a parameter to change it. To save the changed parameters, click the download button with the curved green arrow at the bottom of your screen.
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