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Troubleshooting BLDC Motor / Vector Controller

Common Issues:

  1. The e-lock must be connected to the B+ pole and a switch needs to be attached to power the controller on and off or at minimum a paperclip inserted to close the circuit and power up the controller.
  2. Depending on which controller you have the Yellow, Green and Blue phase wires may not be in the same order as shown in the diagram, The important thing is Yellow connects to U, Green to V and Blue to W.
  3. Another key thing is the hall sensor plug. You really have to take a good look at it to make sure all the pins in the plug are intact and straight. Also, make sure no pins back out of the plug as it is pushed together.

My motor cuts out when I use high throttle:

The further you push your throttle, the more current (amps) the motor will draw from your battery which will increase power. The Vector controllers and BLDC motors can draw a lot of current, sometimes beyond what the battery is able to provide. When your battery isn’t able to provide the high current required at high throttle, the BMS disconnects and the motor stops running entirely. The quick solution is to decrease “Battery drawn current limit (A)” in the programming software, to a level that your battery can supply. If you aren’t sure how many amps your battery can supply, you can incrementally decrease the current limit value until the motor doesn’t cut out at full throttle. It’s best to decrease the value a bit further down from your battery’s maximum potential.

Another solution that will solve this issue without sacrificing the maximum potential of your motor, is to purchase a new battery that can supply more current. Reach out to our support team if you are interested in purchasing a higher performance battery.

My controller is blinking or beeping repeatedly:

If your controller is blinking repeatedly, read the section below. If it’s not blinking, and none of the common issues apply to you, open a support ticket.

Error 12 (Throttle Protection):

The controller LED will blink 12 times if it is getting an abnormal throttle signal voltage. This could be because the controller was programmed to work with a different throttle than the one you are using. In the programming software, check to see if your “Throttle mode selection” and “Speed throttle type” are set correctly. If they are, you may also have to adjust the throttle voltages in the programming software. If you are using a joystick throttle, check out this article for details on how to make it work. If you aren’t sure, open a support ticket and send them pictures of all your programmed parameters and information about which controller and throttle you are using.

Error Codes:

When powering up, the controller light should blink once and only once. If so, the setup is correct and everything is working.

If the controller is blinking repeatedly, count how many consecutive blinks there are, as this indicates an error code.

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