Conversion kits with built-in controllers (Magic Pie 5, Black Pie 5, Smart Pie 5, Edge, Fat Pie 5)


  • BBSHD and BBS02 install Video
  • Gear sensor install (rear) Video
  • Gear sensor install (front) Video
  • Updating firmware/Error 30/Error 07 (fix) Video
  • Error 21 (fix) Video
  • DPC-14/850 display walk-through Video


Converstion kits with external controllers (Magic Pie External, Smart Pie External, Black Magic, Pro 902)

  • External controller install Guide
  • External controller programming  User guide
  • External controller wiring Diagram
  • Running sensor less mode Video

Large Vector controller

BLT motors


All of the above videos and more can be found on our YouTube Channel